Formatting your papers according to the APA Manual, 6th edition, using Styles in Word 2010

Have you always wanted an APA-formatted template for creating APA-formatted Word docs? Now you can have one, made by me! RIGHT CLICK on this link (Mac users, Right-click by holding down the Control key and clicking) and select “Save file,” “Save file as,” “Save link,” or “Save link as” to download this template to your computer. Save the file as a template in your Trusted Templates or Templates folder on your computer. (If you don’t right click you will see a web page with gibberish–so try again.)

Once this template (.dotx file) is downloaded to your Templates or Trusted Templates folder, when you open Word, you can select “Open” (under the File tab) and select this template, use it to create your document. Save your work as a regular Word file.

Problems downloading and using? Email me ( Missed the workshop on how to use the template? You can teach yourself by familiarizing yourself with the following:

(1) Style Basics in Word:

(2) How to create a Table of Contents (or Table of Tables, Table of Figures, List of Appendices, etc.) in Word: